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Blue agate stones proivde calmness to your home. The stone is believed to lessen negativty and provide great healing energy by releasing tensiion and encouraging relaxation. Blue agate birthstones belong to those born between February 19 and March 19. This agate birthstone is especially calming, as support by agate meaning. Blue agate is useful for gaining insight and clarity. In cases where confusion or distractions exist, this stone can assist in gently guiding your attention back to the matter at hand. Use this stone with children for relieving stress regarding school work or any type of study. It is helpful for children as well as adults with ADD and ADHD.

Blue Agate Slice with brass base
Approximately 3.75" tall

  • Approximately 3.75" tall
  • Miniature works of art handmade from natural stones and semi precious gems.
  • Our finials are the embodiment of your modern aesthetic. Each handmade finial as unique as the person who crafts these.
  • We attempt to show our product images from multiple angles and/or slightly different lighting to give you the best idea of what you will be receiving but again, colors and sizes may vary slightly from our photos due to the unique nature of our products.
  • Set of 2
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